There are two definitions for resiliency:

1-the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

2-the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity

In this very difficult time in our society, one has to tap into every bit of this quality. It is very interesting to me the incredible recovery of much of nature; from the canals in Italy clearing up and fish appearing in just weeks-to the incredible lack of air pollution. There is much to learn from nature!

I am seeing and feeling a lot of fear in myself, and others. I think this is a natural reaction. Some of my music students, too young to really understand what is going on, are having a very difficult time understanding why they can’t see their friends and participate in their usual activities. I am hoping my virtual lessons with them will give them some respite and expression for their feelings.

Others in the world are merely trying to survive, and though some people have a much less desperate situation, all of our feelings should be validated and acknowledged.

That said, there is a bigger picture. Much is coming out about the horrific wild animal markets, in addition to other areas where humans have dominated and misused the earth. We are all connected, we are part of nature, and anything that happens in one small part, affects the whole. 

It is hard to see the big picture, and what the earth is trying to say to us, when we are worried and concerned about how we will fare in all this. Yet, we must take care of ourselves first and foremost, in order to be of help to others.

I am reminded often when I work with horses, how quickly they recover from their fear. Being a flight animal, fear has been their survival tactic. They recover quickly. Fear is wired into us also, but we seem to have lost the skill to recover quickly. 

When in the midst of intense anxiety, our bodies contract, our breathing gets shallow, and our vision narrows. I think this cuts down on the ability to see the big picture, not just what is happening around the globe, but solutions to our own difficulties. 

I think the more we can learn to acknowledge our fear, and recover quickly, the more we can influence what seems to have become a fear based society. As one of my favorite horsemen says « the answer is forward and calm. »