I am a music teacher, equine massage therapist, equine cranio sacral therapist, and avid student of horsemanship and Aikido. These may appear to be diverse practices, but I believe they all inform and enhance one another. Many times when working in one modality I find I am inspired with an insight learned from another. 

As for experience, and in no particular order;

MUSIC-I have been a music teacher for over 25 years. I teach guitar, bass, and voice to all ages and all levels. I am a published songwriter, and have appeared on many recordings of others as well as my own. It is a joy to help people express themselves via an instrument, their voice, and songwriting!

EQUINE BODYWORK-I am certified in Equine Massage and Equine Cranio Sacral therapy. I am fascinated with biomechanics and anatomy, which is what led to my ESMT certification in 2014. Being an avid equestrian myself, I understand how important it is that our horses, whether active or retired, receive the comfort and nourishment of bodywork. 

Horses Horses Horses!-I have been fascinated with them since a toddler. Being from incredibly humble upbringing, I was that kid who cleaned the stalls, mucked, helped fix the fencing and so on,  just to get a chance to be around horses and ride once in a while. Throughout my years being a musician, I would find myself again at a few places here and there, again mucking and working just to get a chance to be around them and ride once in awhile! In 2014, I found a teacher for what I like to call « the deep work » of horsemanship. I’ve been riding and doing groundwork with lots of horses most every day since, and have had the opportunity to study with clinicians in addition to my teacher.

Aikido-I started the practice of Tai chi and Kung Fu in 2015. After three years I switched to Aikido, which was a much more suitable martial art for me. Loosely translated as « the way of harmony » it appealed to me as its focus is on blending with others, and using our energy (Ki) in a productive and flowing way. I am a mere baby in this art, but I feel my practice makes a huge difference in my relationships with horses, students, and life in general.