Welcome to my world!

Here’s where you can find out more about my work in music instruction and equine bodywork.

Music Instruction

Laurie Capparella has been teaching guitar, bass, and vocals for over 25 years. She has been in numerous bands as vocalist and instrumentalist. 

She is an accomplished songwriter, with many recordings of her own as well as featured on other artist’s recordings.

Laurie has a relaxed and inspiring teaching style, tailoring instruction to each student’s interests and goals. She teaches children and adults, from beginning level to advanced.

Her music can be found on iTunes, Spotify, and Apple Music, among other sites. 


I am a music teacher, equine massage therapist, equine cranio sacral therapist, and avid student of horsemanship and Aikido. These may appear to be diverse practices, but I believe they all inform and enhance one another. Many times when working in one modality I find I am inspired with an insight learned from another. 

MUSIC-I have been a music teacher for over 25 years. I teach guitar, bass, and voice to all ages and all levels. I am a published songwriter, and have appeared on many recordings of others as well as my own. It is a joy to help people express themselves via an instrument, their voice, and songwriting!

EQUINE BODYWORK-I am certified in Equine Massage and Equine Cranio Sacral therapy. I am fascinated with biomechanics and anatomy, which is what led to my ESMT certification in 2014. Being an avid equestrian myself, I understand how important it is that our horses, whether active or retired, receive the comfort and nourishment of bodywork. 

Horses Horses Horses!-I have been fascinated with them since a toddler. Being from incredibly humble upbringing, I was that kid who cleaned the stalls, mucked, helped fix the fencing and so on,  just to get a chance to be around horses and ride once in a while. Throughout my years being a musician, I would find myself again at a few places here and there, again mucking and working just to get a chance to be around them and ride once in awhile! In 2014, I found a teacher for what I like to call « the deep work » of horsemanship. I’ve been riding and doing groundwork with lots of horses most every day since, and have had the opportunity to study with clinicians in addition to my teacher.

Aikido-I started the practice of Tai chi and Kung Fu in 2015. After three years I switched to Aikido, which was a much more suitable martial art for me. Loosely translated as « the way of harmony » it appealed to me as its focus is on blending with others, and using our energy (Ki) in a productive and flowing way. I am a mere baby in this art, but I feel my practice makes a huge difference in my relationships with horses, students, and life in general.